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Before Your Floor Arrives

Installing new floors doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are four key steps to consider before the floor of your dreams makes its grand entrance.

Getting Started

A guide through new floor shopping and preparing to go in-store


A decorating medium makes a contemporary return.


Browse our library of flooring articles for helpful tips and news on all the products you need.

Carpet Binding

We do cotton binding, both wide and narrow, along with wool surging. We can create your rug of choice in any size. Please contact our store for more information.

Free In-Home Measurements

Accuracy in measurement is just as important as the cost per yard of flooring, and in some cases more so. Charles Friel Flooring offers free estimates to make sure you understand the cost of the project. We can provide you an estimate in 1 or 2 days after the measure. Please contact us for assistance.


Our installers are the reason that Charles Friel Flooring has been successful for the past 39 years. They are the last impression our customers have of us and we want it to be positive. Having a referral based business, installers not only have to be good at installation, but also have great customer skills. Likewise, we clean up! What you see in the magazines is what you get! To schedule installation services, please contact us. Installation completion times depend on the job size. Most full houses take 2 to 3 days, while a simple family room can be just a matter of hours.

Installation Story:
Charles Frield Flooring carpeted Bev Pendergast's house years ago. Bev was the daughter in law of "Boss" Pendergast who ran Kansas City in the 1940's. Pendergast was a great friend of President Truman, but got into trouble for income tax evasion and died in prison. Our team was able to sit down and talk with Bev for some time about her life as a Pendergast. 



We offer financial assistance. Please contact us for information.

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